Advice from Archie: Termite Edition

Archie the dog
  1.  Make sure the bottom elbow of your downspout directs the water at least 18 inches away from your home.
  2.  The air conditioning overflow drip line pipe should also extend at least 18 inches away from your home.
  3.  Make sure your sprinklers are not spraying on the exterior walls of your home.
  4.  Keep shrubs trimmed away from your home so that sunlight and air can keep the areas next to your home dry.
  5.  If your home is wood frame construction, make sure that your exterior siding/stucco is cut 3 - 4 inches above soil grade.
  6.  Rake away leaves, pine needles, and other environmental debris from the exterior of your home.

We also recommend having your home inspected for termites every two years. Call Sandpiper Pest Control at (772) 589 - 0204 to have one of our certified termite inspectors come to your home for a thorough wood destroying organism (WDO) inspection.